The World Can’t Keep Up with Kardashian

It’s that time of year when nostalgic lists are practically jumping out at you from all quarters featuring best ofs, worst ofs, top 10s, and so forth… and it would be quite discourteous not to get involved.

So as we’re all about a search for people, one particular story caught our eye recently. According to research from Microsoft into search queries on Bing, thorough-bred socialite Kim Kardashian was the most popular query on their search engine this year.

We’re not entirely sure what she actually does but whatever it is, it’s garnered more interest than extreme oil spills, devastating earthquakes, mining drama and the 2010 World Cup.

It probably has something to do with her colossal army of supporters – at the latest count it stands at 3 million fans on Facebook and 5 million Followers on Twitter.

Celebrities filled up the first five positions in Bing’s Top 10 Most Popular Search Terms of 2010 with Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock taking the runner-up spot – a massive 20% behind Kardashian.

Next up was philandering golfer Tiger Woods who demonstrated to the world that money truly can’t buy you happiness as his marriage crumbled in the most public of ways.

Sneaking into the top four is Lady Gaga. The eccentric pop icon has the most viewed YouTube video of all time with Bad Romance and after another successful year, Gaga has cemented her position as one of the world’s most famous celebs.

And rounding off the top five is probably the world’s most famous man, Barack Obama. The US President has endured his first full year at the helm and it hasn’t been an easy one – not least with huge criticism aimed his way for the handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The Most Popular Search Term of 2009, Michael Jackson, dropped to 11th place in this year’s listings.

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