Don’t Date in the Dark!

Online dating is one of the web’s biggest industries with a current worth of over 1 billion dollars a year in the US alone – so it’s fair to say that the stigma attached to meeting strangers on the internet has lessened in recent years.

A key reason for this cyber liberation is undoubtedly the information we have at our disposal in the modern era; years ago, dating ads in regional newspapers would be the only info you could extract – a tweet-sized blurb invariably lauding a person’s GSoH. These days, we get data MI5 would be proud of.

But integrity on the web, especially in the dating game, can often be relinquished.

That dating site quite clearly lists Leanne as a blonde 27-year-old who manages a successful fashion store when she’s not at the gym or participating in rallies against animal cruelty – yet it wouldn’t be uncommon for ‘Leanne’ to be in her early 30s, a mere part-time shop assistant, and seriously in need of the gym membership that she claimed to have.

Leanne isn’t alone – stats show that women tend to fib about their weight more than any other personal feature, whilst men prefer white lies based on their age and height; it’s a total rat race where ethics are often left at the starting line.

And so it’s unsurprising that more and more singletons are turning to people search sites such as for a second opinion.

Deep down, you really have no idea whether a person is who they say they are and yet you’re thinking about sharing personal details with this stranger – or even planning to meet? Through a quick name search, your fears could easily be allayed or confirmed.

Search results can include a glut of juicy information such as employment info, social network links, search engine results, email addresses and, the Holy Grail, images! How is Leanne shaping up now?

Check your online identity by doing a people search from the box below:

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