Our search for people has just got a lot better…

As you may be aware kgbpeople offer a global search for people
facility for free and we’re constantly reviewing and tweaking this in order to offer existing users & new site visitors better search capabilities.

People search sites empower you to reconnect with people that you have lost contact with ages ago or connect you with famous personalities like a favorite actor, TV personality, or musician.

So whether you visit us to search for long lost friends and relatives or are simply curious about what’s out there in cyberspace about you then we’re sure that you’ll find the new improvements much to your liking.

And with this in mind I’ll pass the rest of this post over to my colleague Nic to list below some of the exciting changes that we’ve made over the past few weeks.

Improvements to kgbpeople

We’ve been working really hard on some improvements to kgbpeople, making it easier to use, more accurate and include more results from more countries. We’re dying to share some of the changes with you that we’ve just released. Here are some of the highlights:

Simpler website address

We’ve standardised on kgbpeople.com as the address for all your people searches. Country specific domain names, like kgbpeople.fr and kgbpeople.co.uk will continue to work for the next few months, but will eventually be discontinued to provide a simpler experience for all our users. Please update your bookmarks and start using kgbpeople.com from now on! (Don’t worry, you can still select your preferred language and search within specific countries.)

Profile visible to the world

Your profile will soon be available to everyone around the world on kgbpeople.com. Previously, your profile was registered only within your own country. This gives you the chance to better control your identity on a global level. If you haven’t already set one, why not set a personalised URL to give your profile an even easier to remember, and much nicer looking personalised address?

WOW factor rankings now national and global

Now you really can be the top of your country and top of the world! Our new WOW factor ranking page shows your ranking within your country and globally – twice the fun!

Better language support

We’ve improved our search engine to return more relevant results in different languages. So, whether you’re preferred language is German, French, Spanish or one of the other 14 languages we currently support, you should be able to find accurate results quickly and easily.

If you’ve got any questions or would like some help, get in touch or leave a comment on the blog.

Go test out our newly improved site and do a search for people below.

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