People Search & It’s Far Reaching Impact!

People search sites have been very much in the news recently and today we decided to take a closer look at people search sites and the impact that these sites may have on you.

People search sites have been growing exponentially over the past 12 to 18 months and listed below are the Top 5 reasons for their growing popularity namely:

Accessibility – In the past one would have to hire a specialist to dig/search for people or pay over the odds for an online search service
Cost – Today there are many sites offering free search although most provide only a basic results service
Social Media – The astonishing growth of social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Social Curiosity – We’re increasingly becoming avid information seekers especially for the latest on famous people, actors and musicians
Reputation – Employers are increasingly using social network sites to find background info. on prospective employees

Accessibility - Most people seem to have computers at home nowadays or if not at least they will have access to computers and the Internet and with a few simple clicks of a mouse information is made readily available right in the comfort of living rooms around the world.
This makes searching for people a very easy way to find long lost friends and relatives.

Cost - Just do a search on Google and you will be faced with a multitude of sites offering free people search. In reality though this is very rarely true as most offer very basic results and are formed on the business model of promoting more comprehensive paid searches. Needless to say that despite this blatant plug are one of the very few sites that offer you a comprehensive search facility completely ‘free of charge’.

Social Media - Some argue that Facebook and Twitter are now more popular than Google and whether this is wholly true or not it certainly is the way the future seems to be shaping. In reality what this means is that we’re socially interacting much more in cyberspace than we’ve ever done before, exchanging interests, ideas and personal data too.

Social Curiosity - People of all ages and backgrounds seem to be keen on sharing more of their lives today through social networks, blogs, photos and video-sharing sites and for the most part its’ a really fun way to socialise.

Reputation - As employers are increasing using social network sites to check on what information is available on a prospective candidate, it is becoming even more imperative to be aware of what is out there on you.

Interestingly, recent reports suggest that awareness and concern about privacy is high especially among younger users of social networking sites, who say that they’ve changed the default privacy settings on their profile to limit what they share with others online.

Isn’t it high time you checked on your own online reputation? To do that, simply enter in your name into the people search box below and hit search.

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