Free People Search site gets flooded with The Apprentice fever.

Breaking News:
Raleigh Addington one of the potential Apprentices has had to leave the show after an emergency call placed by his mother informing him of his brother being hit by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Raleigh, 23, was too shocked to continue in the show and left to comfort his brother with his family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

As the new season of The Apprentice (UK) gets underway and the nation waits in anticipation on who might be crowned yet again with the famous ‘you’re hired’ command, the free people search website has been flooded with people searching for information on the latest candidates to satisfy their thirst for any clue as to who might end up as the potential winner.

A whole 18 months has lapsed since the last series, but this Wednesday multimillionaire tycoon Lord Sugar will once again sit in his oversized boardroom chair, pointing the finger of doom at the hapless candidate who has failed abjectly in the tasks set.

As the show gathers pace, the runners and the riders all queue up jockeying for position to meet the approval of Lord Sugar. As the series develops and he gets closer to picking his next protégé, the question running through everyone mind is who will it be?

Inevitably the public are divided on who the favourite is and who should be the first to go. The latter was answered last week when Dan Harris ala ‘Sergeant Major’ style strutted around ordering his team with the classic line ‘I’ll manage the team while you do all the work’ – No doubt Mr. Harris will cringe if he happens to be brave enough to watch a rerun.

Incidentally, if you have happened to land on this blog for the first time, briefly this is what the website offers namely, a free people search facility whereby you can enter into the search box the name of the person that you want to find information on and the search engine will retrieve all the information available including blogs, videos and images from Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, YouTube & Flickr amongst others.

OK, now back to The Apprentice – Who do you think is going to win?

Do a free people search below to check out the profiles of each of the candidates and come back and tell us what you think?

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